Roses and open sea


The small village of Knäbäckshusen, just to the north of Stenshuvud, the southern most tip of Sweden, is the perfect escape away from the bustling city life, with its tranquil and laid-back atmosphere, yet with adventures just around the corner. The graveled village road is surrounded by picturesque typical “Skåne” houses and roses and roses in the plentiful, leading to one of Skåne’s absolutely best beaches at the end of the road, only a hundred meters away. Here the blue Baltic stretches out in all directions, with the soft sound of rolling waves and the possibility for treasure hunts.

Lilla heden, the “small moor”

As you walk through the village you’ll get to “Lilla Heden” or the “Small Moor” (free translation) you’ll have a stunning outlook of Hanöbukten, the bay that separates the southern most provinces in Sweden, Blekinge and Skåne, where the sky meets the ocean. In one corner on the moor stands the old chapel, with its pristine clock tower, occasionally still used for weddings and the christening of newborns.

Although relatively new, the sheds on the beach are built in the traditional local style. The three northernmost sheds are owned by the Knäbäckshusen village community. One is used as the local “ice cream parlor”, very popular with the kids on a sunny day. Another shed is the community’s sauna; a refreshing swim in the ocean is never as good as after a hot sauna bath! The beach The beach at Knäbäckshusen is one of the most beautiful in Skåne - and for that sake the whole Sweden - stretching from Lilla Vik in the north to Stenshuvud in the south. The beach is “protected” on the land-side by a large sand dune, with pine trees stretching like palm trees towards the sea. One of the best aspects of the beach is that you almost always can find privacy. The drawback is the fact that the water if frequently pretty cool, especially if the wind is from the west (perhaps explaining the absence of people those days!). Notwithstanding, if you can stand a refreshing cool swim, this is one of the sunniest part in Sweden. In the high season, late June and July, you are more likely to find a private spot to the north, towards the mouth of the Rörum brook, where there is always plenty of space, although a good walk to the nearest ice cream outlet.