A bit further away

Horse back riding


Grislövshamnar, a small peninsula located between Brantevik and Skillinge, has wonderful smooth natural rocks, stretching out in the Baltic sea and makes a perfect place to swim or sun tan. On a windy day this is also a paradise for surfers, especially if there has been a north-easterly wind for a while. A somewhat less adventurous activity, yet exciting, is to walk around on the flat stone surface admiring the circular quarries, carved out by the locals a century ago. This is not just any ordinary quarry! But I will leave it up to you to find out for yourselves why this is the case…

The steam engine at S:t Olof

Definitely worthwhile the trip, but perhaps not a full journey back and forth, is to buy a ticket on the steam engine St. Olof. Instead we would recommend that you take the train from Vitaby to Brösarp or perhaps to S:t Olof. On the trip you’ ll get a chance to speak with a real station master and also watch as the road bars are closed. In the case you decide to follow the train on the full trip, back and forth [from… to…], make sure you make a reservation in the restaurant cart.

Normally, the train ride on Sundays, but after mid-summer, on or about June 20, and throughout the summer, also on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are several departures every day so it is easy to find a time slot that suits you.