Great outings!

Whit in walking distance of Knäbäckshusen you will find


Stenshuvud is on walking distance from Knäbäckshusen. Start your walk on the path opposite to the parking lot, right by the tennis court. From there follow the road through Rörum’s summer village and continue via a small path alongside an apple groove until you reach a wooden turnstile. From there walk down the hill-side, over a small stone bridge and into the national park. The remaining stretch is well marked and you will soon reach Naturum for a well-deserved ice cream.

The view from Stenshuvud is spectacular on a clear day. Towards the south you can see the Danish island Bornholm and to the north a large part of Blekinge, the province to the north-east of Skåne. With a pair of binoculars in your hands you can perhaps spot your neighbors Knäbäckshusen...

Stora heden

If you want to take another route back to Knäbäckshusen you could either walk via Kortellshuvud or take the road over the moor, Stora Heden, down to the beach. The moor is definitely worthwhile a visit. For the children this is a place for fun and play, with a “true” prairie, like in the “wild west”, with excellent make-believe cactus trees and a deep gorge where the Indians might attack you! You can spend several hours playing here!

The preacher’s bath tub

There is some confusion over what really is the ”preacher’s bath tub” so take also this explanation with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, just south of Vik there are astonishing cliffs by the sea. On one of these cliffs there is a rock formation, or rather a meteorite crater, called the preacher’s rose or, sometimes incorrectly, the preacher’s bath tub.

If there is any truth to this tale, that there was a preacher with the oddity that he liked taking baths (!) – and not only that he took baths, but to the locals even more peculiar that he took these baths in the open sea (!!), then he was probably taking his baths in this meteorite crater. Even though the crater is located just by the sea, it rarely filled with water… In if there is water in the hole, hardly any sane person would take a bath there… so perhaps the locals were right after all, an odd preacher it might have been! However, the real preacher’s bath tub is more likely another formation, only 100 meters away towards Vik. This formation is naturally formed in the rock as a giant bath tub with a preacher’s pulpit at one end. This place actually makes a good pool for a good bath (!), with calm, fresh water – much warmer than the open sea because of the small outlet. If kelp has the healing power and positive health aspects as many claim, well then this should perhaps be called the preacher’s health spa!

But if you really want to come closer to the truth behind the preacher’s bath tub, well, just offer a beer to the local fishermen and be prepared to learn the “true” story! In any case, Hallarna, or “the cliffs” south of Vik are a perfect outing for a day, and why not walk the stretch from Knäbäckshusen. For children this might be too far. In this case it is better to bike or perhaps to travel by car. By bike it takes perhaps 30 minutes - and Orelund, where you can buy fresh strawberries during season, makes a good stop on the way. Hallarna shows there best side when the ocean outside is calm, which makes them perfect for snorkeling or diving, with an entirely different world under the surface. When the waves go high, Hallarna is more for the adventurous person.


If the sea outside Knäbäckshusen is too cool, the lake Gyllebosjön is the perfect alternative, only a small distance from Knäbäckshusen. The beach has trampolines and a great outlet for ice creams. It is easy to bike here from Knäbäckshusen. While there are many routes, the best is perhaps via Rörums kyrka (Rörum’s church). At the church you take a left-turn and you go by an old road a short stretch. Only after a few hundred meters you exit towards Vämmerlöv and Gärsnäs. You follow Rörum’s southern brook, pass Sträntemölla, and after ca. 4 km you take the exit to Gyllebosjön. From the exit there is only 1 km to the lake.


The golf club of Österlen has two courses. The first course, Lilla Vik, is located by the sea and could be described as a park course with a stunning view. The second course, Djupadal, has more of a links course and is located on the hills west of the road to Simrishamn.